Play Your Way, Every Day!
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Research supports the need for more unstructured, informal activity in everyone’s life. Play is an essential part of childhood development.

  • Play is spontaneous, accessible to all and low cost/free.
  • Play occurs when you want, how you want and respects personal choice.
  • Play brings families, neighbourhoods and communities together.
  • Play requires little or no skill and no special equipment.
  • Play is a universal concept and provides personal meaning to physical activity.
  • Play can happen anywhere and does not require special facilities or organization.
  • Play is well understood by children and can be shared with their families.
Play is the lifeblood of childhood – it brings children joy, it nurtures and excites their creativity, it builds social skills and it strengthens their bodies.

– from Silken Laumann’s book “Child’s PLAY”


Education and learning opportunities:

Physical literacy
canada's food guide webinar

The Grey Bruce Health Unit holds free physical literacy workshops for ECE’s, teachers and other professionals working with children under the age of 6 several times per year. By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Know the current physical activity levels of young children
  • Understand the benefits of physical literacy
  • Be knowledgeable of the Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for the Early Years and be able to promote the guidelines to parents, caregivers and early childhood educators
  • Have knowledge and access to tools and hands-on activities that can integrated into programming

Our next workshop is scheduled for

September 25th, 2019 from 6:30 – 8 PM in Walkerton.

November 19th, 2019 

Please contact Alysa Shewfelt at for more information.

Canada’s food Guide: What educators Need to Know

This webinar is intended for elementary educators and will include a discussion on Canada’s Food Guide and stratgies to support students’ understanding of Canada’s Food Guide. Participants will learn:

  • About Canada’s Food Guide and the connections to the Health and Physical Education Curriculum
  • How to apply relevant teaching strategies to support their students’ understanding of Canada’s Food Guide
  • What resources are available to support their teaching practice in regards to Canada’s Food Guide and healthy eating

Date: September 23, 2019
Time: 4:00pm-5:00pm


If there is a course being offered in your area or one that you think should be posted and shared on PLAY please forward along the details in the contact us link. A few of upcoming courses include:

Schooling, Training, Learning

E-Learning Module

Appetite to PLAY
Sun Sense Teacher Workshop
Physical Literacy e-Learning
An Introduction to Developing Physical Literacy in Early Childhood E-Learning Module:


This e-learning module introduces the concepts of physical activity, physical literacy and active play in the early years (0-5 years). The module helps educators create, adapt and support a physical literacy environment through the use of planning and self-assessment tools. You will also find stories, examples and suggested plans to help integrate physical activity and the development of physical literacy into your daily and weekly activities. The module is 1.5 hours in length.

Concussion’s e-Learning Module
Ophea’s Concussion Identification, Management and Prevention for Schools 2019/20 e-Learning module

This e-Learning module includes strategies and resources to assist in the education of concussion prevention. This module is intended for all school staff including educators, administrators, and support staff.
By the end of this e-Learning module participants will increase their awareness and knowledge of the following:

  • Concussion (definition, signs and symptoms, seriousness of concussions)
  • How to identify and to respond to a suspected concussion
  • How to support students returning to school and returning to physical activity after being diagnosed with a concussion
  • Strategies and resources to assist in concussion prevention and education

To obtain the e-Learning module to integrate within your Board’s learning management system, please contact

Sun Safety e-Learning

This 20-minute webinar has been developed as part of our SunSense program to provide educators in elementary schools a greater understanding of sun safety and skin cancer prevention in schools. This webinar will also provide an overview of the SunSense program and the FREE resources available to schools that register for the program.

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Links to local, provincial and national events may be posted here.

PRO MBA Sympossium 2019
PRO Symposium 2019

Get inspired at Ontario’s largest training event for managers and staff of community-based services aimed at youth aged 13-19. The MBA Symposium is designed to engage, enlighten, and empower staff of youth development programs in order to improve the quality of youth services. MBA – it’s the More and Better Approach to working with youth!

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